215 FERGUSSEN HALL 24th September

of mind is gone for ever--but anyway, I never cared much for just

Life is monotonous enough at best; you have to eat and sleep about

and being rubbed down with alcohol and having a lemon to suck. feeling less muddled; also I will tell you about my lessons.

I don't either! Because then maybe I should never have known you. PS. Isn't that a nice ending? I got it out of Stevenson's

to have any manners; a foundling asylum isn't a young ladies'

then we could have a studio together? I would write while she

Commencement three weeks from next Wednesday. I think you might come

One of our Rhode Island Reds only brought off three chicks

J. Abbott

wouldn't have awarded the scholarship; some years they don't. Also--

and ate and ate until they went to her head. For two days she

(Ten o'clock bell. This is a very interrupted letter.)